Support the activity Sponsor a Hive

Take care of bees by sponsoring a hive!

Adopt a swarm and follow its evolution throughout the season!

In a playful and instructive way, Abeille de Ré allows you to support its activity by sponsoring a hive.

The bee alone is responsible for 80% of the pollination of flowering plants. Its role is therefore crucial for our ecosystem and its essential safeguard.

By this gesture of solidarity, you will contribute to the preservation of the species and encourage the work of the beekeeper.

To be godfather or godmother, it means:

- Have the privilege of giving a name to your hive

- Get some news  of it via facebook or by e-mail

We propose you to sponsor your hive for a financial participation.

At the end of the year, you will receive a package of our best products with our sincere thanks for your commitment.

For more information, contact us!

Find all the information on the sponsorship formCLICK HERE

If you wish to be godfather or godmother, simply send us the completed form with your information and the name of your hive and your payment according to the chosen formula.